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Old 30th June 2020
Here for the gear

Multi channel usb/firewire mixer

hi All,

So, its come to a point within my setup that I am in need of upgrading my audio interface.
Currently have a NI Audio Kontrol 1, its done its job for many a year, but now having multiple synths its becoming a pain to be swapping cables around.

Iv been looking at mainly rackmount audio interfaces to keep my desk tidy and as cable free as possible.

But then I discovered multi channel mixing desks, like the soundcraft series 12 mtx amongst a few others, the tascam model 10 seemed spot on as it added basic MIDI syncing too.

Now the problem I seem to be finding is that all of the multi channel desks I come accross don't offer post eq and effects once they are sent into my DAW.

The idea is to spend as little time as possible fiddling with the mouse etc, I'd find it far easier if the effects and eq's etc would be post rather than pre DAW.

Does such a desk exist offering me the multiple outs with post effects and eq's, At the £400 range.