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UR824 - 96K/24 16x16 with 2 UR824?

Question on UR-824:

UR824 has two ADAT port pairs and you can use them (among other things) to slave 2 UR824's to a primary 824. The ADATs have 8 channels at 44.1/48, 4 channels at 88.2/96K and 2 channels at 192K

I've generally thought if this as you can use 3 UR 824s to get to 48K/24 with 24x24, but this drops to 16x16 at 96/24 with 3 UR824s because the ADATs together only support 8 channels.

BUT - I'm thinking you can use 2 UR824s to get to 96K/24 16x16 using both A and B port pairs by sending 4 channels on the slave through the A ports and 4 channels of the slave through the B ports - and I assume set the word clock on the slave to sync with either the A or the B port input.

Can anyone confirm that this works (e.g. has done it)? It seems almost obvious that it would work, but looking for confirmation.

Interestingly the newer UR816C only has one ADAT port pair and you can't play this trick - you would seem to be limited to 12x12 at 96K/24 with 2 UR816Cs.