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If only I could confirm that it's not possible I would feel better

I chose an Emu Proteus/1 as my gateway hardware synth. I had wild dreams of making it sing and breathing new life into it with complete creative control . After six straight frustrating days of Sysex hell, I am ready to give up on that dream of seamlessly melding it with my modern keyboard MIDI controller:

Question. Please confirm that the MIDI implementation/ MIDI specifications (page 121 of the Proteus/1 manual) of this synth is obsolete and that it is no longer possible to access the listed parameters (page 121) neither through Keyboard programming, nor the MIDI OX Sysex utility, nor The M-Audio Code series Preset editor. (standard MIDI CC messages work).

I am familiar enough with Sysex and RPN/NRPN to write the instructions longhand. I can convert Hexadecimal to and from numbers. But I am completely lost with MIDI OX.

Is it possible to program all the encoders, faders and buttons on my Keyboard MIDI controller to control all the sound modelling parameters of this old synth?

If so... please help me. Please, I'm obsessed! How do you write the exact Sysex comand written in the manual into the correct encoder, fader on my keyboard controller?
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