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I should know better by now when it comes to phrasing my questions

But now that we have the mandatory "There is no magic plugin, There is no shortcut to success.." gearslutz answers out of the way

Let me rephrase: Do these plugins bring something to the table that you can't do with more "traditional" plugins (eq, mb compression etc.)? If plugins like Soothe, Trackspacer etc. are able to execute tasks that would be virtually impossible or very inefficient with more traditional tools AND if the fact is that a lot of the top guys use plugins like Soothe, Trackspacer etc. when mixing current songs, then my guess would be that you'll never compete with those mixes if you're not using those plugins. So, do the pros use these plugins? Do you use these plugins? What do you find it useful for?
I know a lot of bedroom producers are using these plugins - are these plugins shortcuts to stuff sounding decent, but at the expense of something?

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