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Thanks, Sacha. That's hard for me to judge and evaluate. I think a lot of it has to do with the source material. I tend to get projects that call for a lot of depth, perhaps. If I'm the producer and get to record the project myself, it's also easier to keep track of the sonic quality throughout the process. Every little bit counts.

One other thing that I might be doing a little different is the fact that if I use references, I tend to go for more rock oriented stuff rather than "competing" metal mixes. I'm a fan of several modern classic mixing engineers like Rich Costey, Tim Palmer, Tom Lord-Alge, and Andy Wallace, to name a few.
That's great advice. For me it tends to get frustrating when I reference to very loud metal mixes. There seems to be no way out than to also crush the hell out of my mixes, which makes me loose interest in mixing metal.
Many of my favourite Albums were mixed by the above mentioned mixers...
I would like to ad David Bottrill and Brendan O'Brien just for the fun of it.