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Old 30th June 2020
Here for the gear

"Hip flask. mic shoot out"?

Please bear with me, lads. This is my first post and I know I'm in exalted company, so a bit nervous.
Anyone seen, read, written, know-of a comparison between the leading examples of what I call (from the shape) "Hip flask mics"?
By which I mean the largely Austrian-inspired multi-pattern condensers of which the progenitor is the AKG C414 in all its variations.
These would include the
AKG C414 XLS - currently selling for €699 (Thomann) at which price it seems a snip.
AKG C414 XL2 around €800
Austrian Audio OC818. €1000
Lewitt 640TS €850
Both of these almost identical in specification, being developments of the C414 with some bolt-on goodies - front and back capsule, ability to tweak pattern in software post-recording etc.
Also some clones or maybe style clones from other manufacturers like Warm (€400 up)

Both the AA and the Lewitt have had excellent individual reviews.
I suppose the key questions are (for someone like me who is considering upgrading to one of these mics) (a) Are the extra features of the AA and Lewitt really worth having? (b) Assuming these are something I can live without, would I be better saving myself money and buying the C414XLS? (c) Can the €150 jump from the Lewitt to the AA be justified?