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Old 30th June 2020
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Eventide H3000 levels


Grateful for any help anyone can provide on this...

I am attempting to set up a recently purchased H3000 as a send from my DAW (Ableton), using my Apollo 16 interface.

Setting up the routing in the most obvious way, the H3000 is coming in LOUD. From the meters on the H3000, it's going in loud, and from the send in Ableton, it's coming out loud too.

I am aware of the jumper settings on the H3K inputs and have checked that they are set to pro audio level (+4dBm), so pretty confident there is no remedy there.

To get the thing working on levels I consider reasonable for my send, I have the Eventide set to -12 input and -12 output (the maximum reduction for both sets of settings). Any higher for either setting and it gets out of hand fast.

My question: is this normal? Do I have a faulty unit or does everyone else have it set up this way?