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Stereo microphones charts (once again)


First post, first question. I’m a reader for years, but I don’t find what i’m looking for now. Time to create an account.

It’s about a very original subject : stereo recording. When I have to record something, use for years Michel Williams diagram from the well known “Stereophonic Zoom”.

Before continue, I said now this is more about curiosity and understanding of technical concepts, more than artistical point of vu. I already know what I like, or what I don’t.

Let’s back to the subject. There is other charts available. For exemple :

They all look pro, and at least 2 of them come from serious microphone manufacturers. But, if I understand well (and maybe I don’t), they do not have the same conclusion. At all.

If we take the simplest sitation, the AB omni, because we don’t care about the directivity (theorically speaking, let’s say that) there is such a huge difference on the angle of recording, I just ask myself, how it’s possible ?

If I’m right, the distance between 2 mics to have a 180° recording angle is :

38cm for Williams (and Rycote)
51cm for Tian Hejia
51cm for Neumann
28cm for Schoeps

The distance to the source doesn’t really matter I guess. Is there a frequency impact on this ? I mean, one of them take the signal between 20Hz and 20kHz, and the second one is focus on 1kHz ? The the Williams results are based on listening tests, where other ones are calculate.

Two years ago I made some tests only for omni AB with double blind test with some collegues and I found (modestly) that Williams say the truth. But it was only for AB. I took lot of time to make it right and I only change distance between mics.

Thanks for reading !