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Thanks guys!

For clarification, the chicken scratch drawing is the idea for the new place. The video is our current setup. I'm attaching a BTS photo of our current setup for context. Literally par cans and shower curtains for lighting, pipe and drape, my personal rack rig, etc. It's a make shift studio we cobbled together at the start of COVID. The problem is we've got to move out of building in about a week, and construction of new spot is happening within 2 weeks. We're moving whole church into new building, and tenant is coming into old building...all while church is currently online.

This will be a very simple space. As far as live room goes, I'd like something that drums sound good in, while there's not too much spill washing around into a vocal mic. It's quite possible--as we've done it in the above example with a 25'x50' concrete box... Now, what isn't seen are the walls off camera are all heavy drape and 4'x8' rockwool panels.

As for control room, a decent room ratio and volume with rfz paneling and basic bass trapping is all I desire.

For tracking room, it's a big box that we can fit a band and some cameras into. Not a world-class studio. Non-parallel is my idea to break flutter where feasible. If it's better to treat flutter with diffraction/diffusion and/or absorption whilst keeping parallel walls, I'm open to that. I personally prefer bright rooms--great low trapping and diffuse highs (something I dearly miss from my old garage studio with an 80/20 slat wall treatment).

I agree that moving a few lines now is cheaper than rebuilding walls. What are some alternative ideas to the above layout?
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