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I don't love acrylic drums. Not that they never sound good, but they have weird overtones to me and wouldn't be my first choice for recording. Loud war drums, I like oak a lot. It's not too popular but maple is also great. If you're buying new, I like Tama more than Pearl, but only slightly and the ones I like are often birch (less resonant and warlike perhaps).

SM7b if you already have it, great. I wouldn't buy one just for toms. PR48 is supposed to be a great mic. Solomon is a speaker wired in reverse, probably with a pad on it. You can make that for $20 or so, and if you have to make a housing, still...well under $100. I'd choose a condenser for the tom, maybe one of the AKG P220s? They are plentiful here in the US, and cheap/easy to find used.