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Old 30th June 2020
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Does Logic 10.5 still force use of dedicated graphics in the MacBook Pro?

I have a 16” MacBook Pro and was having an issue with Logic Pro 10.4.8 forcing the computer to use dedicated graphics, and the Radeon gpu was using 15-25 watts of power and generating a ton of heat, causing the fans to spin faster and cpu performance to suffer. Still in other similar projects it would only use 4-5 watts and I couldn’t figure out why.

I found a solution from a member here - some command in terminal to force everything to use the integrated graphics. This would make logic run without getting the computer so hot.

I had a long support call with a Logic specialist rep at Apple explaining the problem with the GPU using too much power in certain logic projects. I sent screenshots and logs and told them how it would be so much better if logic just ran on integrated graphics whenever possible. This was about 4 months ago.

Since updating to Logic 10.5.1, I used another terminal command to again let the computer decide when to use dedicated/integrated graphics. Now it seems that logic is running on integrated graphics by default, which is great, it’s exactly what I told the rep they should do. I wanted to make sure my computer wasn’t still stuck in disable dedicated graphics mode via the terminal thing. So after a restart and opening iMovie, it automatically switches to dedicated graphics, then when closing iMovie and opening Logic Pro it switches back to integrated, which I think says that Apple must have changed it so that logic does not require dedicated graphics anymore (on machines that have it).

I just want to confirm that this is an actual change that was made to logic in the new version, and not just my machine acting funny after running the terminal commands for so long.

Anybody else who has:
1. Logic Pro 10.5.1
2. a machine with integrated and dedicated graphics, set to automatic graphics switching
3. and istat menus

When you run Logic Pro without an external monitor connected, does ‘Radeon high side’ consume any power according to istat menus?