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Wow are you actually saying that i wouldn't say something to your face??? Man please you sound stupid trying to be hard and probably get pushed around by everybody you know and then come online to feel like a fake superstar. Your a internet Joke which is sad with all the technology that's out now to make you look and sound closer to the fake image you want to be like... Go back to your cheap computer studio and TRASH IT 4 eva...Ya hear me 4 EVA YOU Suck!!

I find that **** right there ironic because I think thats everything you've brought to this forum since I first saw you post a few days ago, im not the joke pimpin, u are, i make music if you dont like it fine, i could give a **** less
do you honestly believe i'd pack it up cuz of you? no, so we can move on from that, right? so wheres your contributions to the game? I see your avoiding that like...nevermind

You have nothing intelligent to say, its like you can only come up with the same comebacks for everything, either im storch, a buttkisser or the knockout joke "you suck" i mean at least be original, i mean anyone can say I suck, anyone, I've also heard people say big sucks, em sucks, pac sucks, jay sucks etc so by no means are you breakin my heart there girly boy, NOW, im not sayin im on their level, jesus dont try and turn into that, im just naming some of the greats that not everyone likes, so unless you got something with some brains behind it(I know it'll be hard), put up a link and show me what you got...if not, shut it

I know you wouldnt say something to my face, your a scary ass dude and thats obvious...

oh yeah...i dont rap