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It seems to be a long trip for me (i spend much mote on making/practicing music) but the STT-1 it’s a game changer for me ig sounds so good im using it with U87 is line Boom ?
Ps. What you mean with an external cop track? Track in DAW?
I mean an external hardware compressor like an LA2A, 1176 or STA Level for example.

The compressor in the STT-1 is very good and can be used to add gentle opto compression when tracking but it's not know for having heaps of character (by design) so sometimes I just use the tube pre-amp in the STT-1 by using the pre-amp direct output into a hardware character compressor (if I want tracking compression) or just the preamp straight into my DAW.

I actually have my STT-1 on a patch bay as there's so many I/O combinations on it.

Try the unbalanced output which is technically higher quality than the balanced output as it uses a fully discreet output circuit and is of the highest quality.