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Here for the gear

SamplesLoops Yamaha DX7 (Classic E. Piano) Real 80s vibe! OUT NOW!

Our new product, the "YAMAHA DX7 (CLASSIC E.PIANO) REAL 80'S VIBE" is out now!

"Magical Room" is a new option to get this original and real vintage sound. We record and sample different kind of instruments and sounds in our different vintage supports. We are starting so it would be great for us to visit our web and check our releases.

In this new product, you will find the classic Yamaha DX7 electric piano sound. I sampled my DX7 recording it in some different tape supports and directly to the interface.

In the pack you have the kontakt libraries or ableton instruments. Also, added the separate .wav samples to make your own library or instrument in another software.

Kontakt libraries has the feature of reverb, chorus and a 200hz cutoff with a cool GUI.

First, you will find the direct sound, just the clean DX7 sound with no audio processing, it's like having it in your own controller or MIDI programming.

You also have it recorded in chrome cassette, very good frequency response, soft compression and soft noise. A very good quality cassette tape.

If you want to experiment with a lo-fi support, you have the type 1 cassette library, just a regular, cheap and normal type 1 ferrous cassette. Stronger compression, noisy, quality missing, and the most important and my favorite feature is the pitch issues in the highest notes. You can reach a very cool and exact audio like in the 90s and 80s home music players.

Finally, there is a VHS library, the DX7 recorded in a real 90s VHS tape. It's for me the definitive 80s movies and TV audio. You can do some creative things.

To complement this pack, I added as a bonus some recording noise I sampled of my cassette and VHS machine if you want to add the real feeling of vintage recordings. Really recommend adding them softly in the back of the mix.

Also, you will find some sound effects I recorded of the machines working.

Enjoy it! And it would be amazing sharing it on your social media and tag us if you liked it and used it in your productions.


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Magical Room!