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Thanks, I appreciate the input. I'll keep an eye on Air's plugins moving forward as well as that website.

I didn't really find what I was looking for though I think when I went through those air plugins briefly, and I think most of what they had in the store was while sometimes good and appropriate just too expensive relative to an upgrade to K12. Basically I was looking for something that's really easy to operate that will give me rises/sweeps and hits for things like sound design in commercials or TV shows.

I'd really like to support Steinberg more so than NI, but it's a $200 difference right now and I'm not really seeing like what I'm looking for in Absolute.

Again - I really appreciate the input!
Yeah, i am not really here to promote Air. I actually have no idea if they are good. But what I have discovered is that NI is not the only game in town and there are lots of alternatives. It's good to keep any eye out on deals and demo to see if you like and whether they work well on your setup.

RE: Steinberg. its really Yamaha. Whatever they have in their software VST collection on their site is it. I get the impression the high end Nuendo/Dorico users must be using VSTs by other companies.

check out forums. seems to have more composers vs GS which is, still great, but most of the knowledgeable posters are more the experienced recording engineer types.