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"Tuning" subs can take a while.
Experimentation is almost always part of the process.
Among the things you might try would be changing the phase settings, moving the subs (perhaps near the full-range monitors), moving all speakers, changing the listening position, etc.
A good software analysis might shed some light on it, but ultimately the issue sounds more like an acoustic one than an equipment anomaly.
That being said, if there were some sort of digital processing latency being introduced somewhere in the chain, it could also account for a "phase shift." Which again would probably correlate to different speaker locations with regard to delay times, and could be solved that way.
Although if you are unable to solve it to your satisfaction by moving things around, DSP could be a method used to improve the situation, especially at the listening position. IMHO. Good luck.

"DSP" can be as simple as EQ or delay. And it doesn't actually have to be "D."
Thank you, Ed!