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Old 29th June 2020
Here for the gear

Thunderbolt On Windows

Hi guys! Max Here.

I am posting because I converted from Mac to windows (built a pc)
Motherboard - ASUS Z390-A
CPU - Intel i5 6 core
Ram - 16GB
PCI - Thunderbolt Card
Software - Pro Tools Ultimate (Subscription)
Interface - UAD Apollo Mark Twin II & Satellite

So on my old Mac, I had no issue tracking with latency.

Now on my Windows, I have to turn on delay compensation and low latency on ( if not I’ll get a good 1-2 seconds of delay when my signal gets printed into pro tools.

I am tracking thru the UAD Console and I use UAD RECORD. So my chain is printed.

Chain : AVALON 737 - LA1176E - LA-2A ( Aux 1 - Reverb / Aux 2 - Autotune)

I mute my input 1 where I get signal and monitor thru the Aux tracks.

Is there any way I can improve my delay compensation without having to his that little button?

Also. Any tips on getting less of the room noise?

Thank you ??