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Blank Slate - What would you do?

Hey guys,

Man, I used to be a regular here YEARS ago. Much of what I've learned I attribute to y'all. Looking for some advice...

Our church is renovating a 110,00 sq ft workout facility into a church. And, as part of that, we've been allocated with a space to dedicate solely to filming, recording, video editing, and mixing.

Primary use: Film studio for testimonies, ministry partners, and announcements, record live music, and mix & video edit suite.

Here are the non-negotiables:
--Budget is small
--Warehouse/Industrial vibe
--Space is a 20'x40' box, likely 14' ceilings
--Must fit a full band, with 2-3 person film crew
--One wall must be concrete look (using perma board/hardi backer)
--One large section of another wall or corner must be a cyc wall/infinity wall
--Control room to fit Amek Recall 56 and a small video editing station
--Control room must have 18% grey paint on any line of sight area around video desk
--Small mic locker/storage closet

Here's where the blank slate comes in:
--Any kind of power, wherever we need it
--Shape and layout inside 20x40 box

Isolation is of medium concern. We'd likely be the loudest in area due to drum kit bothering offices, so I would like to double sheetrock (maybe whisper clips?), along with a double door as entrance, though scheduling recording times is easiest workaround.

Acoustically, I'd like to avoid parallel walls in tracking room and also minimize reflections and rt60, shooting for minimum ambience and maximum flexibility for mic placement. Ceiling will be wooden truss/rafters, with decking and storage above (total 30' ceiling to work with, but upper half is storage). I was planning on Owens Corning Select Sound Black acoustic board or similar covering whole ceiling and wherever won't be on camera. At minimum, treat first reflection points in control room.

We can splay inner walls as needed to break reflections. I was thinking that i vertically angle the infinity wall to throw sound up into the soft ceiling?

Heating and cooling will be handled by mini splits, so only ventilation baffling will be required.

This will be sharing a long wall with the auditorium, directly backstage. There will be no access from auditorium, but can run tie lines to stage if needed as conduit and pull box terminate behind wall. Would love a different location or heavier isolation, but due to budget and layout of other parts of building, this is what we have! The good thing is that there will be VERY little need to use both rooms simultaneously.

Attached is what I had in mind, along with an example of our current space--a loading dock from an old Kroger!

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