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Old 29th June 2020
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Drums & recording

Hi everyone,

I write and produce music in an industrial/noise band which I've taken on the road quite a lot in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Previously, I've taken the band into "professional" studios however in the last few months my home recording and mixing demos are beginning to surpass or at least rival some of the "professional" recordings so I'm beginning to take over this duty and am trying to get the majority of it now done at home.

Basically, I'm wanting to get enormous, war-like drums from a floor tom and a kick. The drums are such a main part of this band that I'm really wanting to spend some decent money on a drum rig.

I've been thinking for this:

Pearl/DW Acrylic Floor Tom 18"x16"
Pearl/DW Acrylic Kick 22"x16"
Heil PR48 "kick" mic
Solomon SubKick LoFReQ
Shure SM7B Tom
2x Zoom H5n as overheads, or 1 as a room microphone.

My questions are:

A) In consideration of the sound that I'm going for, are there any opinions on the acrylics for this job?

B) Any experience with the Heil PR48 for this kind of thing? I was also considering just another SM7B, honestly.

C) Are there any alternative suggestions here, words of guidance here?

What I do have experience with is the SM7B, the zoom microphones and the LoFreq kick microphone. The reason why I'm asking about the equipment on here instead of trying it out is that I've recently moved to a small town in Europe where the music stores are abysmal and I don't speak the native language here