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Old 28th June 2020
Once, after a long argument in the pub, I came to the conclusion that there are 3 reasons to do a band (as a catch all term for music creation beyond the mechanics of playing an instrument for pleasure).

1) to make money
2) to hang out with your mates
3) to create art (a genuine expression of something that transcends it's form)

If you can do one of them, you're doing well. If you can do two? You've won life. All three, and you'll be remembered forever.

I make odd music. I get that it isn't appealing on any commercial level (and is a niche aesthetic) but it's mine. And I try to make it as true to my vision as possible. And, as so, it becomes something like an expressionist painting. The honesty and commitment to its own creation is the goal. Commitment to it's own creation is the point.

So I'm clawing my brain to pieces everyday to try and do 3) and maybe i'm wasting my time. But compromise it failure.

And again: I'm not saying I'm making good music, but I really think it's the only way to do it.

So if your thing is to roll on the floor screaming into a dictaphone. Then do it. Commit to it. Maybe that is the next thing that sets the world alight. If you do it with full commitment of heart and mind, it will transcend criticism.