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Hey everyone. Ive seen a few of these posts regarding these monitors, but nothing comparing them to a modern-day monitor.

Im looking at upgrading my monitoring system from a pair of KRK-R6s.

My room is 18ft x 16ft. I might be breaking through the one wall and making the room longer in the nearby future.

Ive come across a deal on a pair of 215 DMTs + Crest Audio CC151 amp for $1700.

My question is, would something like a pair of ADAM A77X's be a better choice? I see a few studios still using the Tannoy's. Would I benefit from having these + a nearfield system, or should I just go with the ADAM set as my only system?

Has anyone got any experience with both of these monitors?

Is anyone still using these that can give me their opinion on mixing modern music on them? Pop, rock ballads, electronica etc.

The problem with the DMT series is the tweeter replacement.

Tannoy is no longer making them, so if you blow one good luck finding a replacement anywhere on the planet.

I used to have a pair of 215's with custom 15" woofers( TAD 15" that are used in Boxer monitors instead of the standard Tannoy) and ran them Biwired with the Perraux 9000B(best match) plus Kimber 8TC cable.

Sold the whole kit but kept the Kimber cable for my NS10's(yeah i know still a little slutty) when i closed the old place.