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I will add that iZotope releasing this update hopefully means that Stutter edit will not become abandonware like iDrum and Spectron. Part of my motivation for buying the upgrade, in addition to enjoying new features, is to keep Stutter Edit alive, especially with the transition to Apple Silicon coming.
Also, if iZotope sees a positive reaction and sufficient purchases of Stutter Edit 2, maybe that will further motivate a new update to BreakTweaker.

Good point! You helped convinced me to upgrade. This V2 of Stutter Edit is a somewhat skimpy and skinny upgrade but atleast we have a upgrade, and a shot at future compatibility on future O/S's. I am a owner of the disccontinued Spectron and hated when it got discontinued. I really like Stutter Edit and Breaktweaker and want Izotope to keep them around with upgrades so i will support by upgrading. I will further investigate the new effects and functionality to see how good they are but i'm fairly certain i'll be upgrading anyways. I wonder if the new reverb in Stutter Edit is created by Michael who use to work for Lexicon and who owned Exponential Audio but now works for Izotope, if so it might be a great reverb.