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Like the way you singled me out.other people asked too and it just felt like a common sense move as in terms of workflow i find having to incorporate things like web apps very tedious given my main computer is might surprise you to learn that i don't live on Gearslutz and i very rarely go back through posts i have made to see if people have replied if i haven't been on here for a long while,as i don't really have much vested interest in doing so.its just a pastime for me to shoot the **** when i have time to do so as i have very few actual friends who are into music production these requesting it be a plugin is more about it being more convenient to try it(which wouldn't have been a convenience anyways considering you decided not to release a demo of the plugin verison)not really any kind of indication of me validating its sound(which is clear from the tone of the replies you linked).i wasn't aware it was just about the aliasing and the filtering otherwise(which i didnt realise till i demoed it a month or so after that thread) i never would have been interested in the first place.i read "model of SP1200"and got ahead of myself