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Old 27th June 2020
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Cubase 10 Real Time Export with Api 2500 in Sidechain mode

Hey friends, I hope you will help me to understand a real time export issue with Cubase 10 and Api 2500 compressor used in Sidechain mode.

For a mix I'm working on right now I tried to experiment with the sidechain option of the Api 2500, making it compress the Stereo Out, but feeding it via its sidechain a copy of the mix, processed with an EQ to emphasize the mids.

All great and nice until I tried to export it.

I choose Real Time bounce of the Stereo Out channel, but the Api is not compressing anything (needle doesn't move), because it's waiting for the signal from its sidechain inputs which, surprise, it's coming from the Stereo Out 2 (line 5 & 6 of my Apollo).

Now since I select to mixdown the Stereo Out only snd not the Stereo Out 2, the 2 is left muted during the real time bounce.

Is there a way to export the Stereo Out while having the additional line outs (Stereo Out 2) playing?

A little recap of my routing in Cubase:
All the tracks are routed into a Group, called MIX. This MIX group is routed to Stereo Out, where I have all bus processing including the API 2500.

The MIX group has a Send active, to copy the group to another Group, called TO SIDECHAIN, where I have the EQ to reshape the response of the spectrum. This group is routed to Stereo Out 2 (which is assigned to Line 5&6 of my Apollo, that goes into the sidechain inputs of the API).