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Question Question: Should I consider a sub ?

Hello all,
Hope you are doing well!

I monitor the thread Should i consider a sub ? (REW data included) since the beginning and I recently had the opportunity to purchase the excact subwoofer (second hand) which I am using for years now.

My Setup is PMC TB2S+ (powered by Flying Moles) + 2 Acoustic Research Subwoofer + RME Multiface.

If followed the instructions from DanDan and Jens and set the crossover to 150Hz (max. crossover on my subs) ... now my LF is reduced between 30-80Hz after adding the second sub.

I tried several locations for the subs but the LF 30-80Hz did not really improve.
Is this this a kind of cancelation between the subs? Phase is 0 on both subs.

My room is about 35m² with some diy Bass Traps and diy absorbers.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions what I am doing wrong ?

Stay safe! Thanks and regards from Vienna

FYI - Recording and mixing is just a hobby for me ;-)
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