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Hey guys, thanks for answering on that thread, i'm not moving much on the building atm but still doing bits at the time. just finished the entire floor.

from my experience with my previous control room, a dip or a peak is the same, it means that a particular frequency needs absorption : too much energy. whether it's a peak or a dip just means that your mic is in the bottom or the top of the wave (to simplify). the goal is to reduce the amplitude of that wave (which you can hear if you put only one frequency and walk into the room, you can actually hear the fluctuation especially in mids).

In my precedent studio, i had great results when i tried to put broadband absorption under and around the floor of the listenning area, so that's why i wanted to try this giant basstracp absorber on the floor.
i even kept dampenning in the previous room, wich left me not a lot of space for me feet but helped me achieve great results (within 2DB of range on FR without curve smoothing from 40 to 500hz, taking average of 7 points in the sweet spot).

i'm confident this floortrap will be effective.
maybe i'll be wrong thought, but i had to try it

i'll post more pictures in the next days, can't wait to start measuring