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Old 26th June 2020
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Home studio build

Hi everyone,

my house has a (currently damp) basement which I would like to use as a home studio.

In 10 days I'll be digging around the house to install a drainage system.
I'm not sure whether it's the proper word for that in English, but it's basically pipes with open slots on the surface and a gradient of sand and gravel on top of it, plus what looks like some derivate of tar on the external walls to keep the humidity in the ground and out of the walls.

This would be step one, so here is my question : is there anything I should know before I start this ? Any detail I should pay special attention to ?
Or should what I just described be enough for the exterior and I'll be able to start with the interior after that ? The next steps would be walls and floor dressing (right now it's naked bricks and concrete, so lots of dust) and heating/ventilation (and thermal isolation ?) of course.

Thanks in advance for any useful advice !
I have zero previous experience doing this so even basic recommendations are welcome.