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Following this thread. I wanted to get into the Behringer modules but they are so HP hungry, it didn't make sense to me to incorporate them in my current rack. Once reviews start coming, I think it will be interesting to get a cheap skiff/dedicated rack just for them.
I wouldn't say that the core Boland 100 VCO, VCF, Env and VCAs - or the 3-in-one VCO/VCF/VCA that they've just released the video for - are HP heavy. Or, rather, although they're relatively wide they have a lot of functionality-per-HP: they're all "dual" modules with individual controls for each half, multiple mod inputs, all with their own attenuators, 3-way mixers on the VCF and VCA, 2 ADSRs and a LFO on the Env... The extra HP you use on the modules you;; get back by not needing nearly as many mults, mixers and attenuverters.

Yes, there are smaller "dual" modules but (even ignoring the price) they tend to share controls, with 'mode' buttons and faders that don't always reflect the setting...

Some of the B100 effects and EQs look a bit bulky - but they're not compulsory unless you're building a replica.

C.f. the Boog System 55 modules where everything seems to need some sort of controller or converter module plus a shedload of attenuators and multiples and seems to be exclusively aimed at people who want a warts-and-all replica.