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My guess is the x probably would be an improvement over the rosetta conversion wise, but since I haven't used the Rosetta I can't say to a certainty. I think if you're not interested in the plugins and are more concerned with quality of preamps and conversion, the 3200 for an x8p is a lot of money for marginal gains in those areas. Considering your setup is already fairly good I probably wouldn't spend that much unless I was gonna see a real difference, which IMO you'd only find from getting something like a Lynx aurora MK2 and pairing that with some good outboard preamps of some sort. Just my 2 cents.
Thanks, kev1n28.

Yeah, the x8p is probably too much money if I'm ambivalent about the plug-ins. The Aurora is nice, obviously, but I've been hoping to get a small 1- or 2- rack space size configuration of preamps, converters, and interface. There aren't a lot of options for PCs.