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8 Channel Interleave (SMPTE order)

Been playing with the new interleave bounce to single file feature lately. Wanted to wrap a 5.1 / 20 into an 8 channel polywav in SMPTE order. The new feature allows you to order your bounce interleave order, which I'm assuming will allow me to bounce files to mono, and, order them in the order I choose.

I've got a 5.1 and a 2.0 print stem track for final in-the-box recording. I'm adding another 2 aux channels with the same inputs as the print stem tracks and sending the outputs of those aux tracks to a new 5.1 and 2.0 bus with sub paths set to mono breakouts (normal 5.1 sub path breakout), same for the 2.0

Then, I'm creating 8 mono aux tracks and choosing the input of each as a sub path of the 5.1 or 2.0, essentially giving me 8 mono aux tracks with all the final stem sub paths broken out.

I then highlight the final length of video and bounce those mono auxes in an 8 channel SMPTE order.

I do indeed get an 8 channel bounce. I bring that back into pro tools and the system auto splits the the file into a 5.1 and 20 audio track - good so far. The 5.1 track appears to be in SMPTE order which is good, but, there appears to be extra amplitude in the tracks, more so in the right and LFE tracks. It's noticeable. I'm not confusing the tracks, they're obvious as to what channel they contain but if I bring in a normal 5.1 audio bounce and reorder the tracks to a smpte format and look at them side by side, they look different.

Super confusing. Anyone seen this issue or know of a better way using this system to interleave like this?

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