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Thanks for the replies.

Well, that's the thing. The modeling is what I would like to keep, but the UX1 drivers do not work, so nothing works at all....

Maybe, but eventually I will be facing the same problem down the road. I'd rather keep the OS unmolested and go with something that works in the current context.

I was trying installing the UX1/PodFarm under WinXP in Parallels, but I also ran into multiple issues.... Could not get it to work yet. Can't install the drivers and get them working...

This L6 thing is a major pain. Will the other brands be more user friendly for the installation ?

Ahhh yeah that would be the kicker.. When I still used PodFarm, you had the option to transfer your license to an iLok instead, maybe they still have that option??

Line6 isn't really one of the companies I consider 'computer friendly'. They're on the ball when it comes to their hardware but the software side of things leaves alot to be desired. Stick with their stuff that doesn't require a PC/Mac and you'll have no trouble, but I would definitely think twice about buying anything to needs a computer to run..