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Originally Posted by bill5 View Post
I would love to know where you're seeing an i7 with 16GB RAM for $250! Black market?

The answer depends largely on how many tracks you expect to have for a given song, but yeah that is probably fine.

btw i7 vs i5 is only part of the equation - at least as important is what the chipset is (3000 series, 4000, etc).
Yeah you can get them at those price on the high street.

Originally Posted by kxbooks View Post
There's a desktop PC going on eBay with those specs which was $250 initially but is now closer to $300.. I didn't see that it was on auction, that's where the low estimate came from!

Here it is:

Thanks for this advice. Despite reading a lot over the past few days, I missed the memo re: chipset series. Quick question - is the "generation" of the CPU the same as the series number? So 4th gen = 4000 series? Or do they refer to two different features? Might be a stupid question. Lol.

I'll keep a look out for those specs, cheers!
Yep, 4xxx is series 4. Look on CEX, there are some bargains 17 4770/8gb/ssf hp elite

Feel free to just ignore me and waste your money though. lol.