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I would love to know where you're seeing an i7 with 16GB RAM for $250! Black market?

The answer depends largely on how many tracks you expect to have for a given song, but yeah that is probably fine.

btw i7 vs i5 is only part of the equation - at least as important is what the chipset is (3000 series, 4000, etc).
There's a desktop PC going on eBay with those specs which was $250 initially but is now closer to $300.. I didn't see that it was on auction, that's where the low estimate came from!

Here it is:

Thanks for this advice. Despite reading a lot over the past few days, I missed the memo re: chipset series. Quick question - is the "generation" of the CPU the same as the series number? So 4th gen = 4000 series? Or do they refer to two different features? Might be a stupid question. Lol.

I'll keep a look out for those specs, cheers!