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Building a booth and need a good scissor boom I can mount in booth asap

Okay, when I started I was just gonna make an acoustic blanket booth out of PVC and Producer's Choice acoustic blankets. After $250 worth of 1.5inch PVC and another $350 in blankets, I realized "F#ck it. Might as well go all out at this point". So I bought a few bundles of Safe N Sound "soundproof" insulation and switched my plan to include the insulation in the PVC frame between 2 screen "walls" w/ the PVC filled with more insulation and THEN hang the blankets like curtains inside....

Well, I'm half way done with my 7ft high 5x5 booth and I'm worried someone will knock my U87 over if its on a stand so I want to hang a scissor boom arm from the top (preferably) or, if I have no other choice, clamped to the mid-height horizontal brace on the back wall.

I'm having trouble finding one I can trust with my mics.
Can anyone help with this?

I'm getting up in a few hours after some sleep to work another day on the booth and would like to order one soon. Especially if I'm not gonna be able to go from the top support bar because going off the black wall would require design changes I'd REALLY hate to do.