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Okay Mr. Excuses I myself just spoke to paypal and heres everything that they told me for you to do :
  • 1.Being it's been almost a year they will have to process the refund manually. You will have to send an email to: [email protected]
  • Including the Date the original transaction was made:October 18, 2006
  • The amount of the refund: $108.00
  • My company name: MasProductionProducts
  • And your transaction number from your paypal payment receipt
  • and this email address not the comcast one: [email protected]
  • In the subject bar write: Refund for payment that was made 11 months ago
  • And she said include this note:
  • Payment was made about a year ago and the account is not excepting payments at this moment so please process the refund manually.
And for the Record: She said that if i paid with my business account then you dont need a personal name to refund the payment.
Now please stop trying to make up any excuses and send me my money a.s.a.p this is the worst experience by far i have ever had you are burnt as a business man as far as i'm concerned... But you should already know that right!
I'm curious dude, you have all of our attention, and I've spoke up for you in instances when I thought you were right, so you know I'm not against you,

Why won't you give your name?
You don't have to give it publicly.

Why not just give the dude your name?

If my mom was living and reading this crap (Not that she would be but go with me). She'd say "Son turn that crap off he don't really want his money back. If he did, he'd give his name.