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Thanks, kev1n28.

Yeah, my assumption has been that because the Rosetta 800 is so old, maybe the new UA Apollo X series converters would be an improvement.

I would want to use the X8P's preamps, too, however, so have wondered if the UA X's preamps would be on par with the Precision 8.

I really don't want the UA plug-ins very much, but it's the form-factor of the X8P that's appealing: 1 rack space with preamps, conversion, and an interface. Still, I don't want to sacrifice sound quality at all. I can't seem to find other "high-end" options like the X8P, however.

Thanks again,
My guess is the x probably would be an improvement over the rosetta conversion wise, but since I haven't used the Rosetta I can't say to a certainty. I think if you're not interested in the plugins and are more concerned with quality of preamps and conversion, the 3200 for an x8p is a lot of money for marginal gains in those areas. Considering your setup is already fairly good I probably wouldn't spend that much unless I was gonna see a real difference, which IMO you'd only find from getting something like a Lynx aurora MK2 and pairing that with some good outboard preamps of some sort. Just my 2 cents.