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Here for the gear

Rockwool panels

I am a composer in LA and I built some rockwool wall panels with roxul 80 that have pretty high absorption. They were more for room treatment than isolation, but the do both. I dont use a sub and keep an SPL meter near my desk. I like to work at pretty low levels most of the time, and these did the trick for taking the sound down a few notches on the other side of the wall and also made my room sound a lot lot better.

Building a floating room or having a whisper room are the expensive and somewhat impractical possibilities. Neoprene rubber is the best for stopping sound dead from what I have read, the thicker the better, but its expensive.

The panels I made were easy to build with some 1x3's from home depot, some grill fabric from joanns and an afternoon or so of work. I hung them with french cleats.

I used the Rockboard 80 I think it was called, which is firmer and more sound centric than the stuff they sell at home depot (I had it sent from the manufacturer). I got extra to make bass traps, but the first round of treatment was enough for me. If you are in the LA area I have extra insulation I was saving till I moved into another space but would let it go for cost.