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Regarding hackintosh:

Test it, would like to hear your results.

I did do a test where i compared latency. I found that Windows is significantly faster than OSX.

Win at 64 samples = OSX at 32

On gearslutz i learned that ASIO is taking fewer function calls compared to core audio.
Core Audio is part of the OS (and for that it´s quite excellent).
ASIO is a low level API that gives the DAW even more direct controll over the soundcard

ASIO vs Core Audio Latency measured at 32, 64, 128 buffer. Asio much faster

I did not test how many voices i can play at a given latency, rather than buffer setting.

Maybe Win10 at 64 samples and OSX at 32 samples have not only the same latency but also the same performance.
I´m really sorry i did not test this!!!

BTW i really like the way core audio works when sharing a sound device between applications.
Also preview an audio-file in finder by hitting space.

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