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96khz is worth it, in terms of latency and sound quality, especial with some virtual synths!

10ms, at least for me, is not great.
It´s only around 3 meters in terms of how fast sound travels, but add some time for additional processing in the daw and the time for the sound to travel from the speakers to you. I wouldn´t play bass 10 meters from my amp...
I especially wouldn´t practice 10 meters from my amp and i don´t like my students to do so - it´s counter productive for developing a strong independent time.
If one doesn´t practice and usually quantices everything (not at all suggesting that you do!) than 10 - 30ms can work.

But back on toppic, you should run a tool called latency monitor.
It will tell you any driver or process that´s distroying your real time performance.

I had to learn the hard way like you that overall system-performance and cpu power do not translate directly into realtime performance.
Should have gotten a radeon card...

I see big spikes coming from the nvidea driver.

Went from

i7-2600k - 8gb - GTX1060 - OSX High Sierra / Win10
Ryzen3700x - 32gb - RTX2070 - Win10

both with MOTU PCIe424 + 24io (very fast by the way)

Not that much gain in terms of latency, but it does render and do everything else much faster.

I tried running the generic video driver that windows brings, but it´s unusable. Ableton Gui is producing clicks like hell.

What does help is turning off LAN driver and disabling all Firewall and Virus scanning.

Made a script to do all that, and another to turn everything back on.

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