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cool thank you! i kept listening on my mobile devices and vocals were always too loud. But always too soft on my other sources, so I shot for a compromise but still i tend to agree, the vocals could be brought up little more in front. Or maybe eq the guitars down a little somewhere. so much more to learn Thanks for your feedback! cheers
My comment was based on listening with a good pair of Grado Headphones on a laptop with a pretty good DAC, but I've had the same problem and feel your pain. Never monitor any song on a mobile speaker, Ok with headphones, maybe. I actually bought an LG phone as it was promoted as having an audiophile dac in it (V30). It works great for headphones but the mono built in speaker sucks, and when I plug it in to an amp the built in impedance adjustment circuit makes it sound so bad I have to turn off the fancy DACs features and go back to the standard sound.

I guess like most consumer goods, and much of music production gear, BS is what's in the product and utopia is what is claimed.