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Antelope Discrete Synergy Core - Are They Trash?

I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on a new interface. Originally I was thinking the Slate VRS8 may be good but didn't get much feedback here. Also it doesn't support Thunderbolt for Windows which is odd since I have been using Thunderbolt for 4 years within Windows 10.

This brings me to the Antelope Discrete Synergy Core line of interfaces. These seem to have very respectable low latency performance as well as the ability to handle large projects at said low latency. Sounds quality is also something that seems to get mentioned on a positive note. Currently there is a deal were you get some free software and an Edge Solo mic which seems interesting.

My only issue with Antelope is there seems to be mixed reviews regarding Windows drivers and their stability. Much like everybody else here, I'm a fan of stability. Does anybody have some first hand experience with the new discrete interfaces that are running Windows 10 and Thunderbolt?