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That's not a hugely powerful CPU. Look for the i7 3930k, obviously it's older but it's hexcore and about x2 the power of that chip, plus it unlocked, meaning you can use a nice intel app to overclock it by quite a lot. You can find them in Dell OptiPlex systems for £200 with really nice motherboards too.

There was a place called encore pc in the uk, where I got that exact thing, there were plenty more too, but the website is down and there's load of talk of people having card fraud committed on trust pilot. Lol.

Anyway, that's really not a strong chip, it might be ok depending on the fx you use. Btw, you can buy cheap ram from CEX, about £20 for 8gb. you can get ryzen 5 laptops for £250 with nearly twice the power of that. Have a loo