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Are these desktop PC specs OK for the production/engineering work I will be doing?

Hi folks. Was hoping somebody could confirm whether or not these PC specs will suffice for my purposes.
I'm thinking of buying a Dell OptiPlex 3020 SFF i5-4590 [Quad] 3.30GHz, 8GB RAM with a 128GB SSD.

I use Reaper, mostly with hardware rather than VST instruments when I produce, and when it comes to mixing I don't go overboard with FX either - usually I average out at about 3 VSTs per track. I do want to explore VSTis and sample-based production more though, and I am wondering if these specs will suffice or if I am likely to run into problems further down the line.

Would be grateful for any tips!

P.S I have already considered i7 instead of i5 for CPU, and 16GB RAM, but this pushes the price nearer to 250 USD (or £200 as I'm in the UK) and I'm reluctant to spend that much at the moment.