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They are referring to gaming performance latency. It's a big deal to some gamers, for instance I have a wireless mouse than only has 1ms latency which is the best possible, they make a big deal of all this stuff. I didn't buy it because of that, I got it because it has pretty lights and some other bits that are useful.

They sell monitors(screens) based on the latency too.

It's not to say it might not help with audio latency. I'll try and check now on my laptop. Looks like I've missed quite a few updates lol.
I'm doubtful this will make any meaningful difference in audio latency. Audio latency is a product of CPU performance, audio drivers, and the OS's audio pipeline. This feature impacts none of that, since it only impacts the GPU and the OS's graphics pipeline.

You're absolutely right though, the gaming world has all kinds of references to latency, and the huge majority of the time, it's not referring to audio latency. Audio latency is not a priority in gaming compared to visual latency and keyboard/mouse responsiveness.