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Old 25th June 2020
COVID-19 has changed the way companies work. I sympathize with you and your plight. The tech support people are probably all working from home. I had the same type of problem lately with a few companies. They are unresponsive or take days to get back to me. In one case, DUET has not contacted me in 180+ days about a problem with their software. When they were communicating I got a lot of links to Microsoft's website and some vague "how to" ways of checking but the never solved the problem and at one point said that their "developers" were working on the problem but were not having any luck. How can anyone release software when their own developers cannot understand how to fix it? YUCK! I think this statement may have something to do with it. "our engineers are all former Apple employees" so probably don't know jack sh!t about Windows. Hang in there and be safe!