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Old 25th June 2020
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Alternatives to L6 UX1 on Mac Catalina.

Brief context intro: I use the guitar interface into my Mac just to practice/jam along backing tracks kind of stuff.

Got a L6 Guitar Port when it was first introduced. I was using a PC at the time and was happy with Gearbox and all the usual L6 models.

I successfully migrated that to a MBPro (2007 model) running El Capitan.

With the recent lockdown issue, the office computer (2018 MBP-Sierra) made it's way onto my home office desk. I tried migrating to that one and run into many problems, so I decided to buy a new I/F and went to a L6 UX1, about two months ago. After some masaging I got that one working fine, but since opening the box I got this feeling that I had just bought something almost obsolete. But the known software (Gearbox and PodFarm 2.5) were attractive enough to look past that.

Now it was time to update my own Mac and just bought a MacMini with Catalina. And L6 software does not work at all on that OS and L6 customer support does not show any intention to update them.

So, I will probably be throwing the UX1 in the trash after almost no use....

What are my alternatives (not too expensive)? I'm thinking Focusrite Scarlett Solo, or PreSonus Audiobox iOne.

Will these work with Catalina ? What are my options for modeling software for the kind of play-along I do ?

Your help will be greatly appreciated.