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To be honest I didn’t read the details because I’m the type that wants to buy a computer set it up and to the most part forget about it. Use it to make my music as much as possible till it dies and then buy a new one.

Now, I know Windows has drastically improved (I use one for my day job) but I’ve been on Macs since Windows was not reliable for music production and Macs absolutely we’re better and I just cannot be bothered to change (especially as a life long Logic user). Nor do I want the extra responsibility and work of managing a Hackingtosh machine. Especially with all the peripherals I have attached... way too much risk of inviting problems.

So my point is I know there are plenty of users similar to me, who just know and accept that computers are utilities and buy the latest, get the most out of it and then get the next one.
I understand fully. Hackintosh definitely needs more attention and some basics to learn. My current machine is working absolutely perfect including sleep, USB3 etc. I am not a hackintosh master and it tooks me a day to do it completely.

Another option is buying secondhand Mac of previous generation and save money. Those prices in first post are just way to high to me.