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Old 25th June 2020
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Absolute 4 - anything like this?

Before I pull the trigger on an upgrade to Komplete Ultimate (from non-ultimate v6) I just wanted to ask:

Is there anything in Absolute Collection 4 that corresponds to the instruments in Komplete 12 Ultimate that are focusing on "rises", "hits" and also "Thrill"?

I'm basically looking at the Komplete bundle and with the sale going on specifically those tools seem to be useful to me in post - being able to quickly and easily add (generic) rises and hits, and definitely add something like "thrill" real quick to create tension.

Does Absolute has something along those lines and easy to use?


Other than that the gripe I have with many of these 'collections' is that they seem to use the same 'modules' that make up their instruments. I thought about this at the very early stages of Komplete - I think I started with Komplete v2 - when I started seeing and/or hearing that the same distortion module was found in different instruments. At least that's what it sounded like to me. So if you have some sort of synth component in Pro 5 or the B3 organ, it really felt like it came from or was included in Reaktor.

So I'd love to support Steinberg at some point, but I'd probably wait for a sale if the above sounds aren't in Absolute...