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Before you get too emotional. Do you really think there is going to be an Arm based Mac Pro in 9 months? And a Mac Pro you buy today is going to stop working in 9 months? They going to have take baby steps into this change.

I guarantee you that Intel based Mac Pro users will be on Gearslutz posting about how they are still using 2019-20 Mac Pro’s in 10 years time.

Change hey, you’re dammed if you do and dammed if you don’t.
I am very relaxed, no emotions while wrote my comments at all.
I see the situation from different perspective. Is 3559 Euro for i7-8700 or 7599 Euro for 8-Core machine in 2020 too much? What is included in those 2500 or 6000 Euro, you pay just for Apple branding?

1. Exclusive warranty? No, just 12 months, 50% less then common standard
2. New technology? No, it is outdated technology based on parts discontinued far before you even buy it
3. Outstanding performance? No, as today performance standard is in different league
4. Long-term compatibility? No, Apple's last baby steps gave Power PC users just 3 years of full OS X compatibility (OSX 10.5 was the last OS)
5. Best OS for creative content making? Probably yes but in audio production, most of multi-platform DAWs work better (faster and stable) in Windows and there are many satisfied professionals and music enthusiasts that work with audio on Windows machines as well

I guarantee you that 3599 Mac Mini or 7599 8-Core Mac Pro purchased in 2020 will loose serious amount of value shortly after first Apple ARM platform release and be sure that those Mac Mini 2020 users posting in 2030 will be using 8 years old version of OSX and 8 years old version of Logic with no chance to update either of them.