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Old 24th June 2020
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Vintage king customer service is very poor

Vintage king customer service is fairly poor. Do not purchase anything Open box from them. If you ever have a product that is malfunctioning that is under warranty do not call vintage king if they are the seller. Call the actually company.

I called them about an Avid 16X16 analogue I/O that was malfunctioning. They put me to tech support. They respond very slowly in emails maybe once a day a day apart for responses. Asking for me to basically provide proof the I/O they just sold me was not working correctly.

So they made me keep going through a lot of trouble shooting emails a day apart before setting up a video chat with screen share. I had explained my inputs 1-8 would quit working mid session. That my analogue meters would show signals peaking and falling even if the inputs had nothing connected to them. They even suggested I get a new version of Pro tools ultimate. I had purchased the perpetual version and was trying to avoid having to pay $999 on top of the $2500 the perpetual product cost. I did it anyways at there suggestion. I was using inputs 9-16 as a workaround. So they kept suggesting after troubleshooting and updating drivers ect, That I should return to 1-8 and see if the inputs start working. They worked at first and just like i described to them mid session they would fail cause clicks and pops. Crazy pops out my monitors that sounded horrible. Of course I’m tracking all day so my trials were during paid sessions. Which I had to refund due to the fact that the pops and clicks ruined my clients vocals. Pause the session say sorry. Power down the desk switch to DB cables to 9-16. It’s very embarrassing when your equipment is malfunctioning during a paid session. They wanted video proof of all these instances which I took because I suspected somebody would doubt me.
So finally after all of that they said ok we think you I/O needs to be repaired go to

Like are you #%*#%# serious! After all of the this waste of time you send me a URL to

So I had to start over with avid. As soon as avid seen my analogue meters going crazy video they immediately sent me an RMA. Avid who is literally impossible to contact was able to give me an RMA the same day I filed it.
Vintage king sidetracked me for 2 weeks made me lose money trying to trial the inputs on clients even after all the signs that I should not try to use them. Then they drop me an URL.

They are a big joke and I called before and told them to try to make it make sense before I came on here to moan and groan and kick rocks. They sent me to a voicemail of the guy that was emailing me from customer service.
$250 shipping I/O to avid.
$999 to update to Pro tools Ultimate
$70 for an avid support code troubleshooting in between with avid because the input was converting at inconsistent times.
$100 refund to client for clicks and pops in performance.
$1500-$2000 in loss of work to wait for my I/O to return.

My main beef was if they are gonna make me start my RMA from scratch with avid. Send me there first don’t try to troubleshoot me or make me prove that the equipment is faulty.
2 weeks with vintage king was equal to 4 emails in 3 hours with avid.

I will see what the problem was with the I/O soon from avid. I truly believe they failed to properly test the open box and sold me faulty equipment from the jump.

I know my salesman at Sweetwater would not have made me do troubleshooting with his tech if my end result was to contact avid by myself.
The tech was like I can tell avid now that this is faulty but then customer service sends me a damn link to

Did I moan enough? I could rant for a few more hours! ???